KashFlow AKA Products

Business tool to let you have multiple identities, descriptions and prices for single KashFlow products.

This software is designed to work with KashFlow, an on-line accounting package. In KashFlow, you can set up products or sub-products in thier terminology. Against a product in KashFlow you can enter one description and one price, and you have only one identity. If your customers know it by another identity, e.g. EAN-13 numbers, then you may have a hell of a job looking up your products to put together your quotes and invoices. You may also have a customer that you give special prices to or special packaging, then you have to remember to alter the prices and put text on to remind you or your staff how to package the items.

This program allows you to do this, you can select your KashFlow product, and then you can give it multiple identities, descriptions and prices. Once you have set these up, quotes and invoices can be put together quite quickly by simply dragging your products from your list to your quote. You also have a text search facility so you can type in or use a wedge scanner to find your products, then drag them to the quote.

You can also change all your prices from this program using a global wizzard, so when you need to put your sales prices up by 1%, you don't have to go through all your products one at a time, your can apply the change in one hit.

You can download this program free of charge by clicking on the "Install AKA products" button below, this will allow you to have a trial version which you can play with. There is no time limit on this trial version, only the number of products and AKA's you can work with.

Below is a 4 minute video demonstrating the program, how to set it up, and how it can be used.