Home accounts

Work offline to track your money. Update your accounts faster than your bank and look at future balances.

If you buy something at the supermarket at the weekend, your online bank account balance is not updated until Monday. If you are going to have to pay a bill in a couple of weeks time, your bank does not show you the result.

This small program allows you to set up and keep track of multiple bank account records, or accounts held outside, such as Paypal or your Lottery accounts. At any time you can quickly look to see how much there is in any account. It will let you put in transactions in advance of your bank, thus it gives you a true outlook on your personal finances to see if you can really afford that holiday.

You have the ability to set up repeated monthly transactions, such as your mortgage payments or rent, then you can post them as and when you want without having to type them in. At account level, you can cross check your bank statement(s) against your transactions to make sure you have accounted for everything and that you can then keep a look out for spurious transactions.

At account level, you have the facility to print out your accounts, filter the transactions, and perform summary calculations for months and years to track your spending or even jkust simply look to see how much something has gone up over the year you run the system.

You can download and install the trial version now for free, this will allow you to enter up to 100 transactions only, so you have plenty of room to try it out. If you like it, then there is a small fee of just £9.99 to activate the full version.