Invenimus is a full blown ERP extension to KashFlow to give you proper stock control.

This program is a multi-user extension to KashFlow. It gives you full stock control and allows you to define products. Within products you have sales pricing, customer special prices, supplier prices, multiple structures / BOMs / recipes, batch traceability and links to your KashFlow nominal accounts.

There are modules for raising quotes for your KashFlow customers, changing quotes to sales orders to allow picking, dispatch and raising of sales invoices in KashFlow for dispatched goods. There are purchase side modules to allow you to raise purchase orders, deliver to stock, raise KashFlow receipts / purchase invoices, directly or through a purchase invoice matching routine. There are modules for works ordering allowing you to control your stock through manufacturing processes. There are modules for stock taking, and support for multiple warehouses. There are many printable reports which you can design your own layouts. There are modules for stock analysis and MRP allowing you to make informed choices for future stock control.

Please watch the video below, it describes more fully what Invenimus can do for you.

You can download and install the trial version now for free, the trial version is limited to the number of orders and products you can do. For testing purposes, it is suggested that you get a trial KashFlow account set up so you do not accidentally corrupt your live data.