KashFlow is an on-line accounting package to which external interfaces to extend the functionality of the package can be written. The functionality within KashFlow is good but however, limited in comparison to some other ERP systems.

It is quite possible to create unique custom modules for this package that run on your PC. They can access your online data, both for reading and for writing. What can be created is limited only by the interface provided by KashFlow themselves.

Below is some extensions to cash flow already written and running. These modules are available for general use and can be downloaded and licenced from this website. If you require something similar, or need just an extension to one of these, then this can be discussed.

Current modules

Invenimus - This module is a full blown ERP extension to KashFlow. It starts by getting round the problem in KashFlow where you cannot use the stock control facilities to decimal places. Invenimus provides you with a products file where you can set up sales prices, customer prices, supplier prices and stock control. It provides you with a way of composing quotes, use a sales ordering facility for picking and raising of invoices in KashFlow. It provides a way of raising purchase orders and matching off supplier invoices. It has structures / recipies, works ordering, batch traceability and valuation. It has stock taking facilities, multiple warehouse support with manifested transfers. It has tools for future stock control / MRP planning. It also provides you with your own layout designed print outs for your orders, invoices and also has many reports. It is a growing product so as and when upgrades happen you will be notified for updates. This is a multi user system using my own designed fast access local database system which keeps automatic backups for you on a daily basis.

Workshop Planner - This module allows you to plan production / manufacturing in your factory / workshop. It interfaces with KashFlow by allowing you to bring up a list of your KashFlow quotes and lets you put them into production planning. It allows you to duplicate production runs based on user configurable search criteria, and allows you to invoice for the work done directly. It also allows you to drill to invoices and quotes to make approriate adjustments and track where you are at. If a customer asks for a repeat run, you can generate your production by duplicating jobs without having to put quotes on in KashFlow, and can invoice directly when the job is done.

AKA Products - In many systems, including KashFlow, there are product codes for identifying your own products that you sell. However, people outside your business quite often use different product identifiers, for example, 13 digit barcodes (EAN-13) in retail trades, sometimes 14 digit numebrs (DUN-14). Other trades may have multiple identities for the same product, e.g. the Motor industry regularly change part codes on components, where old part codes are directly interchangeable. In KashFlow you can set up a product and sub-product, but this is the only identity it can have. It is intended that this module will allow you to set up a product in KashFlow, yet have multiple local identities to the same product. You will then be able to generate KashFlow quotes for the products you have set up, but be able to find your products by multiple means.