Unique software

Unique bespoke software developments can be carried out. These developments can be complete stand alone systems or extensions to existing software you already have. Websites are already unique and not available to be sold to your competitors.

Normally, with unique systems, you would be handed the source code, (that's the text version of the code used to produce your software). As such, you do not have to return to Longmans Software should you require any modifications, you could approach any competent computer programmer with the appropriate skills.

If you desire a change to an existing Longmans Software module, then the changes will be activated by using a key / password, so other users of the same module would get the changes, but would be unable to access them unless they discovered your key / password. Source code for these changes to Longmans Software module will not be made available as it would compromise the security of the module.

The PC software is written in a common language called C-Sharp (written C#) and Android Apps written in Java using Android Studio from Google.

Please feel free to make contact to discuss your requirements.