Workshop Planner

This is a business tool to help you plan manufacturing and production. It allows you to put on your orders and schedule the manufacturing process through your various workcentres and staff. Simple to use time grids which display outstanding jobs and you can adjust each item by simply dragging your production around on the grids until you get them into the best time slots.

The program currently comes in two forms, either as an independent piece of software or you can use it integrated with KashFlow, an on-line accounting package.

KashFlow integration allows you to explore your on-line quotes, move items from quotes into production, plan them, do the work, complete the job, and then invoice directly for the completed work, all from the planner. You can also explore your completed jobs and jump to the invoices in KashFlow. You can duplicate completed work for repeat orders, and when done, generate invoices in KashFlow without having to put on the quote in KashFlow in the first place.

The software is a multi-user user system which knows to lock users out when another user is editing. Each user is shown if the data is locked and who is changing it. Once the editing user finishes the changes, and saves, all the other users are notified and automatically have their main screens updated with the changes.

You can download this program free of charge by clicking on the "Install Workshop Planner" button below, this will allow you to have a trial version which you can play with. There is no time limit on this trial version, only the number of jobs you can put on is limited to 5.

There is now a seperate module which supports the use of barcode scanners to improve productivity by allowing shop floor feedback

Below is a 10 minute video demonstrating the program, how to set it up, and how it can be used. Please excuse some of the jerkyness in the video, this was caused by both planning and video recording at the same time on a very old XP computer.

Below is a short video showing the KashFlow extensions used in Workshop Planner.