Android Meal Prep

Home use phone / tablet app to help you time meal making to perfection.

When you cook a recipe, even something simple like a boiled egg, perfection relies on accurate timing. Over time, you no doubt, have your own procedures for cooking your own recipes. A recipe is not just a list of ingredients or how you blend ingredients, it's the actual cooking times, backing, boiling and frying, etc...

As your meal gets more and more complicated with many items, each with thier own recipes and thier own timings, it becomes more difficult to work out which needs attention when. And for perfection, everything needs to end cooking at the same time, for each course in your meal.

This app lets you set up recipes for each item you may want to cook to perfection, then allows you to create a meal with as many courses as you want, and add recipe items to courses. Then, when you are ready, you can run the meal preperation. This will calculate the real time when each stage of your recipe should take place, join all the stages into one big list and present you with the list to work to. It will alert you as and when a stage needs to take place, so you don't have to wait in the kitchen, you can get on with other things while you cook, like entertaining your guests...

Below is a short video demonstrating the app :-

This app can be downloaded and installed from the Longmans software google play store, link to store will be available shortly.