Wave Fiddler

Completely free program for generating messed up music for quizzes.

This program allows you to load uncompressed .wav files, then, alter thier speed, play it backwards and what I call chunking of music where you cut it up into blocks and change the order of the blocks, so it can play the music backwards but in lots of forward bits, so it just sounds like the music is being played normally.

Once it is all done, you can save away your changes into a new .wav file, all ready for your music quiz!

There are a host of online tools you can use to convert mp3 music to .wav files, and plenty for trimming out the part of a song you wish to work on. But, as fas as I know, this is the only tool for messing up the order, play direction and speed...

Here is an example of messed with music, Dolly Parton singing 9 till 5 or should I say 5 till 9 ???